Meme Competition 2021

In 2021 we ran a meme competition among students in the department. All students could vote for their preferred ones. Applying sophisticated voting mechanisms we considered the the winner to be Rafael Jiménez Durán, from the fifth year.

His masterpiece:

Winner of the 2021 Meme Competition by Rafael Jiménez

Commenting on why this piece won, we think the answer is clear. Both Price Theory believers and non-believers would interpret it in opposite ways, but both would find it worth of admiration. And we know that opinions are polarized when it comes to Price Theory.





But this is only one of the many great memes we received. The following got honorary mentions:

Author Clara Kyung

Author James Traina


Author Rafael Jiménez Durán

Authors Shanon Hsu, Ricardo Quineche, and Estefano Rubio

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